How do I get a divorce in Arizona?

If your marriage is irretrievably broken, and you don't have a covenant marriage, then you are entitled to a divorce in Arizona...This process does not need to be difficult and expensive, especially with today's technology. We can maximize your dollars to produce effective results at an affordable rate, giving you the greatest peace of mind.
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Are you wondering how to get a divorce in Arizona?

If your marriage is irretrievably broken, and you don’t have a covenant marriage, then you are entitled to a divorce in Arizona. Covenant marriages are rare, and they take a different course.

This process does not need to be difficult and expensive. We simplify the law and streamline the process through technology, while maximizing your dollars, and producing effective results at the most affordable rate. This is how we aim to give you the greatest peace of mind.

Filing Fees or Deferral/Fee Waivers

Of course, divorce requires a filing fee, unless we can get you a deferral or fee waiver. Divorcing without children is typically an easier process because you do not need to work out a parenting plan. However, we can make the process less worrisome in either situation.

Peaceful Divorce Outcomes

Peaceful divorce outcomes usually flow from having reasonable expectations and the perspective of how life can look at the end of the process. Unfortunately, we must deal with the reality that some people are difficult, even unwilling to let go of their unrealistic and unreasonable expectations. This only frustrates the process. Fortunately, our approach helps you achieve your desired outcomes more effectively through quickly adjusting to reasonable expectations of the process, giving you a greater peace throughout the process.

Divorce Process Outline

Here is what you can expect.

First, we start with your desired outcomes, while helping you form reasonable expectations according to legal principles. Second, we will outline the process so that you feel at peace with how things can develop. Then, we will coach you through the process, helping you navigate each step and provide you with regular updates to help you prepare for what is coming. Finally, we will provide you with a long-term plan that adjusts as life changes, where we may need to seek a modification.

Client Consultation Checkpoints

We also offer client consultation checkpoints to develop and refine our strategy to effectively approach and execute each step.

Settling Quickly and Peaceful for Children’s Benefit

If you desire to settle the divorce as quick as possible, we will help provide a strategy that leads to quicker paths of peaceful settlement. We are especially passionate about seeking peaceful relations that ultimately benefit the children.

The first step is filing for divorce

You begin to file, or you are served with divorce filing, and it feels overwhelming. You find the appropriate forms online. Unfortunately, they cannot provide you with legal advice. They cannot give you strategy, experience, and how to effectively use the law. It can feel like your life is 1000 jigsaw puzzle pieces being poured out of the box.

That is where we come in to help alleviate the stress. We help you take control of the situation in a way that gives you strength through some certainty, as you begin healing through a difficult process. You not only heal. You grow when we walk you confidently through the process in a compassionate way. We will represent you in court, guiding you through the process and provide stability through every difficult interaction with the opposing party, all the while helping you keep focus on the goal of being in a better situation.

We genuinely believe in you!


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