Online Fillable Will Forms vs. Arizona Estate Attorney Services

In Arizona, what are the risks to creating a Will through fillable forms downloaded online?

The simple answer is that you may have a meaningless document because you did not take the necessary steps to validate the Will. Unfortunately, many smart people decide to download Will forms online instead of hiring an attorney. I’ve seen some smart people do this because they were motivated to save a few hundred dollars. It doesn’t seem very smart when you realize the document is meaningless and it would have been better to not even do it. That’s not to say all downloadable Will forms are invalid. However, consider the following before you do it.

What are the benefits in hiring an Arizona Estate Attorney?

Consulting an Arizona estate attorney has many benefits. This is especially the case when creating a Will. For instance, estate attorneys know the statutory requirements for how to make the Wills valid. There are a set of basic formalities. There’s also nuanced legal language necessary to accomplish your goals. While this seems overwhelming to some, especially since planning your death is by far the most procrastinated event (aside from dying itself), it actually isn’t too complicated for an Arizona estate attorney. After all, it is what they do. But you’re not going to get the personal touch and professionalism when downloading a Will form.

Arizona estate attorneys know Arizona law, and you need to make sure that the forms coincide with Arizona law if you want them to be legal in Arizona.

How much do I save really when downloading a Will form vs. hiring an attorney?

Again, you may actually waste your money downloading Will forms. I’ve known really smart people to do this, where they downloaded a Will form because they are fiscally responsible. Then they learned that the document they used is ineffective because they didn’t follow the formalities. We had a good laugh, where the person admitted it was a waste of money.

How much does it cost to hire an Arizona estate attorney to help you draft a Will?

Estate packages very, but the most competitive attorney rates range from $500 to $1,500. This rate includes advise, drafting your documents, and making sure you execute with the proper formalities. So, compared to downloading the forms, you might save you a few hundred dollars, but you’ll take a significant risk, and lawyers can help make sure you’re doing it right. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Is the risk worth saving a few hundred dollars? Wise people plan their estate, and taking this risk isn’t what wise people do.

How do I pick the proper Arizona estate attorney?

I guess this is where I give you our sales pitch. Regardless whether you go with us, we hope you find an attorney that makes the process simple. We believe in simplicity because it helps you make informed decisions. This allows you to feel confident. We also hope they give you an affordable rate. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap in quality. It means the law firm is resourceful and efficient, making the client’s money go further. For example, some firms charge significantly more than us, and client do not feel like she have access to her attorney. Last, we hope your Arizona estate attorney helps to give you a peace of mind. We believe planning your estate is therapeutic jurisprudence — using the law in a therapeutic way. No one likes to think about his own death. However, going through the process gives the person an incredible peace to know his affairs are in order.

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